At the core of MY Sustainable Solutions is a husband and wife team driven by a desire to develop practical solutions to environmental problems. We are dedicated to the basic principles of sustainability and follow the important environmental rule: think global and act local. In our case that means: anywhere in the Asian Pacific region within half a day flying time from Denpasar, Bali.  
Our vision is to leave our children an environment where the air is fresh and the water is clean. Our mission is to make it happen by promoting best practices and introducing technologies that convert negatives into positives.

The letters MY in MY SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS are the initials of MURIEL YDO.

Muriel Ydo was initially trained as an hotelier and had a long international career in the travel industry. Working for prominent Dutch, American and Indonesian tour operators, she is the quintessential world citizen and fluent in six languages. She moved to Indonesia in the late eighties and established a permanent base on Bali. A lifelong student of ecology she has an encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of sustainability and she used to be the principal trainer-coach of the Green Asia Group. She is well known as a social and environmental activist with an impressive track record in Bali, Jakarta and Papua.

Willem Loots is a retired travel trade professional who also speaks six languages and has 30 years of international management and marketing experience. He moved to Indonesia in 1988 and is married to Muriel Ydo. Willem has strong leadership and teambuilding skills. On the island of Bali he started up two different travel agencies that independently turned profitable in record time. In 1998, while he was the President Director of Thomas Cook Indonesia he received a Best Executive Award from the ASEAN Program Indonesia Consultant Consortium. In 2001 he received a Travel Weekly East Innovator Award.