MY Sustainable Solutions is an association of consultants who assist companies to reduce their environmental footprint. After networking for three decades our global web of expert support from long term associates covers all five continents. Taking a ‘blue’ approach towards sustainability our primary expertise and focus is on the responsible use of water, on intelligent energy conservation and on the smart management of waste.

We have extensive experience conducting environmental management training programs in the hospitality industry. We see it as our task to make environmental responsibility an integral part of the ‘esprit de corps’ of a company.

We are fully up to date with all approaches to energy conservation worldwide. When we perform an in-depth audit of a business and an evaluation of the operating procedures we see it as our task to identify problems that may offer opportunities and to see where negatives can be converted into positives. However we do not limit ourselves to merely writing reports. We know from experience that the major challenge is not the physical effort of retrofitting more efficient technologies to older premises. The major challenge is usually to win over people. We bring effective change to organizations with inspirational training.